What Are the Benefits of Drinking Black Tea?

Around the world, we love black tea for so many reasons. From its comforting taste to its many health benefits, this tea is an enticing drink リクロンブラック. And the benefits of drinking black tea aren’t only for our physical health… this beverage is good for our emotional and social wellness, as well! Here are ten reasons why black tea is a smart, healthy choice.

Improve heart health with this tea. Research tells us that enjoying as little as three cups of black tea each day can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease (such as heart attack or stroke) by more than 10%.

Add more antioxidants to your diet with black tea. This brew is brimming with antioxidants, which disable free radicals, provide protection against chronic disease (such as cancer and heart disease), support a healthy immune system, and fight harmful low-grade chronic inflammation.

Manage (and even prevent) diabetes with this beverage. Not only can this tea slow blood sugar absorption (providing support for those with diabetes), but it can lower your risk of developing diabetes at all. In fact, the lowest occurrence of diabetes is found in countries with the highest levels of black tea consumption (like Ireland and Britain). A good reason to enjoy your cuppa today!

Reverse the visible signs of aging (like wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity) with this tea. Time, sun exposure, unhealthy eating, and too much stress can harm the skin, causing it to age more quickly than we’d like. Let black tea come to the rescue! Its antioxidants work to lessen the damage, helping your skin appear firmer, younger, and more radiant.

Protect your bones with a regular tea-drinking habit. Our bones naturally become weaker and thinner as we age, increasing our risk of osteoporosis and fractures. An easy way to improve bone health is by adding tea to your diet. Studies have shown that regular tea drinkers have substantially higher overall BMD (bone mineral density) than people who don’t normally drink tea.

Improve dental health and freshen your breath with tea. This drink prevents plaque buildup, reduces cavities, and keeps your breath fresh. Studies have found that tea drinkers have better overall dental health than those who choose coffee or carbonated drinks – even if sugar is added to their tea!

Keep stress under control with this tea. While this brew can’t actually reduce your stress levels after a trying event, it can help to bring your cortisol (i.e. the stress hormone) levels back to normal far more quickly, helping you feel better faster.

Lose those few extra pounds with black tea. This tea can help you reach your weight loss goals more quickly by regulating blood sugar levels, leaving you feeling more satisfied and balanced – and with fewer cravings! Black tea’s antioxidants boost metabolism and help the body burn fat more effectively, too.

Recover more quickly after your workout with black tea リクロンブラックを飲んでも効果がない!?効果なしの悪い口コミは本当か検証. This tea can significantly reduce DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness) after an anaerobic workout, and it can shorten your post-exercise recovery time, as well.

This beverage is good for emotional and social wellness, too! From afternoon tea around the fire to celebratory tea parties to meeting a best friend at a favorite tea shop, we have, for centuries, gathered together over nurturing, heartwarming cups of tea.

It’s no wonder our beloved black tea is the most popular tea in the world. This brew is delicious, fragrant, and soothing – and brimming with health benefits!

Golf Swing Tips – Learning A Physical Skill Involves More Than Just Training Your Muscles

Golfers are constantly searching for ways to improve their golf swing and ultimately end up spending countless hours beating golf balls at the local driving range học thêm vật lý. Yet research shows that scores of the average golfer haven’t improved much over the last 50 years. Perhaps a different approach needs to be taken before scores from amateur golfers begin to improve – The Mental Approach.

By taking the mental approach, learning a physical skill like the golf swing must involve more than just training the muscle with repetitive practice. It must also involve mental practice as well. The following principles should be combined with physical practice in order to achieve your desired learning outcomes and ultimately shoot lower scores on the golf course:

Desire To Learn – One of the key principles of learning that scientists and educators will point to is the principle of readiness. It implies that students who have a strong desire to learn will do so faster and easier than ones with little or no interest in learning the new skill. You would be surprised at how much easier it is to learn a new golf swing technique when you’re committed to making a change. Most golfers, though eager to improve their scores, exhibit the learning defense mechanism aptly named resignation. They become resigned to the fact that improvement requires too much work or that it is beyond their ability. No matter how much you practice, improvement can only occur when you begin to recognize mistakes and have a clear, and strong desire to improve them.

Learn The Correct Techniques From The Start – Patterns to follow when learning to swing a golf club need to be established early in a golfers career, i.e. proper grip, stance, swing plane, and pre-shot routine to name just a few luyen thi vat ly. Clearly, there needs to be a focus on the basics of the swing before more advanced techniques are learned. The learning principle of primacy must be applied to learning how to play golf. Key elements of the swing learned first often create unshakeable impressions. If you learn them incorrectly, it becomes almost impossible to unlearn them or be re-taught correctly later.When I first started playing golf, I used the ten-finger or baseball grip. Luckily, I took some lessons and that wise old pro talked me out of using that grip. As I was young and stubborn then, instead of just old and stubborn now, it took some convincing before he was able to talk me out of that grip. Finally he convinced me by asking: “How many pros on the PGA Tour do you think are using the baseball grip?”

Learning Progress Follows A Pattern Also – Once your golf homework is complete and your desire to improve your scores has you salivating like a rabid dog, it’s time to hit the range. As you start to achieve some success remember that learning a physical skill will normally follow a pattern and has been proven scientifically. During your early stages of practice, you may experience rapid improvement before your performance begins to slow or even level off. This is the dreaded learning plateau and may indicate certain undesirable conditions. Though for the most part, a learning plateau is just a normal part of learning a physical skill. As long as you maintain your desire and commitment to improve your golf swing, the learning plateau should just be a small bump on the road to lower golf scores.

Apply Your New Skills – After all of this hard work is behind you, it’s time to hit the links and apply what you’ve learned. Remain humble and set reasonable expectations as your confidence in your new skills increases. If you “practiced like you play,” your practice on the range should transfer to the golf course. Unfortunately, most golfers don’t apply the same pre-shot routine on the range as they do on the golf course. You must apply the same mental approach and shot set-up routine each time you prepare to strike a golf ball whether you’re on the range or on the golf course.

When learning a physical skill like the golf swing it’s important to also understand the theory behind how we learn. There’s volumes of scientific evidence that support the principles of learning presented here. Try to apply these principles to learning the wonderful game of golf and watch as your scores begin to improve.

PMC – Home to Highly Integrated Solutions for Storage Networks and Systems

History of PMC Electronic Parts:

PMC was founded in 1984 and today is the semiconductor innovator transforming networks that connect move and store big data SSD solution for sale. They are a driving innovation across storage, optical and mobile networks. They went public in 1991 and are put on the stock market as PMCS. The president and CEO is Greg Lang and the chairman of the board is Jonathan J. Judge. They employ 1,500 people worldwide and have revenue of $531 million for 2012. The company’s key products are storage devices, optical devices, and mobile devices. Their unique combination of strengths are recognized technology leader in mixed-signal, software and systems integration, well-positioned to capitalize on major high-traffic growth trends, expanding addressable market and market position, a competitive company in key infrastructure segments, and have a history of financial satiability. The corporate head office is located in Sunnyvale, CA, and operations office is located in Baxter Place Burnaby, BC, Canada.

About PMC Electronic Parts and Its Product Range:

The product lines consist of storage, optical networking, mobile, and processors. The storage product line consists of NVMe flash controllers, SAS flash controller, RAID controllers, adapted by PMC, SAS I/O controllers, SAS expanders, fiber channel loop switches, SAS/SATA muxes, and fiber channel controllers. The optical networking segment consists of OTN, FIFTH/PON, Ethernet, SONET/SDH, T1/E1 & T3/E3, and POS/ATM/HDLC controllers. The mobile segment consists of UniTRX chipset, ATM processing & HDLC controllers, network processors, SONET/SDH narrowband switches, and T1/E1 framers & transceivers. The processor segment consists of integrated microprocessors, MIPS printer chips, network processors, and standalone microprocessors. The highlight of the controllers consist have the following highlights: high performance PCIe flash controller optimized for enterprise workloads, programmable architecture enables SSD developers to control product differentiation through firmware customization, SLC, MLC and enterprise MLC flash with Toggle and ONFI interface, 32 independent 8-bit flash channels that each support up to 8 targets. The optical networking segments line lead in innovation, integration, and power to deliver quickest time-to-market and minimum R&D expense for the original equipment manufacturer and lowest total cost of ownership for the service providers.

History of PMC Sierra Electronic Parts:

PMC was acquired by Sierra, Inc. on June 08, 2010. They finalized the acquisition by paying approximately $34 million in cash to PMC. The reason PMC Electronic acquired the company was because they hoped to strengthen Sierra’s established channel storage business and a highly skilled team to address the needs of the segments of the enterprise RAID storage markets Fake ID for sale. Sierra is the premier internet infrastructure semiconductor solution provider. They offer their customers technical and sales support worldwide through a network of offices in North America, Europe, Israel and Asia. Sierra provides solutions for enterprise storage, wide area network infrastructure, fiber to the home and laser printer markets.

You can browse on web for a leading distributor of all types of PMC Electronic Components from a comprehensive list of manufacturers. On this sites where you can get tier one pricing from manufacturers which pass selected savings to you.

Instagram Development for Android Phones

Instagram is a mobile application that lets the users layer pre-programmed filters over their photos to achieve maximum hipness multiple links instagram . In this fast going world everyone wants things to happen quickly like – downloading files, sharing photos, browsing the internet etc.

Everybody wants to share photos with their family and friends, but it is a long process and takes a lot of time. With the development of this application, it became an easy job to share photos. This app can be used to take photos directly or process the photos that are existing in the phone’s memory, apply artistic filters and then share it on a variety of social networking sites including Instagram’s own. The photos can be cropped to a square format and then be processed by applying various filters to give the photos a vintage look.

The users of Android phones have been waiting for the company to develop an Android application for some time now many links for Instagram. On 03 April, 2012 the company has announced that it developed the Instagram app for Android phones.This app for Android works with any versions of OS 2.2 and above that support OpenGL ES.

This app is featured with same options and features as the i-OS app that include – personal, home, photo taking,, settings etc. There are no extra tools in this release. The user’s can also integrate the application into other tools using Instagram’s Application Programming Interface. The key feature of this app is that the users are allowed to share photos on multiple platforms without having to wait for much time. This is a free app and the company may soon launch a “Freemium” pricing model with some additional features, that can be purchased for a nominal subscription fee.

Diversify – Don’t Put All Your Links in One Basket!

Diversification is the key. There are many – many methods, tips, tricks and advices regarding how to market your website over the internet all my links in one place. Yet, it is so difficult to choose which one is the best fit for your business. How would you know that directory submission is the best way to go? Or is Social Media the best place for gaining visibility for your website? Internet marketing is such an endless field – only your imagination can limit you. However, there are a few tried and tested methodologies which have been prevalent over the years and have the assurance of achieving results sooner than others.

With so many options at hand, it is not absolutely necessary for you to choose from and implement any one technique. The last thing you would want to do is place all your eggs in one basket! Internet Marketing has many techniques that you can take advantage of. You have keywords to work on – with appropriate density and strategic placement amidst your content; you can accomplish half of the task. You have global SEO and Local SEO where you can narrow down your target market, you have directory submissions, Link building, you can even use social media to get your website to be seen by customers at large! The point we are trying to arrive at is – these are all known techniques and absolutely low cost. Implement them with proper planning and choose the one’s you think apt for your business. After all you do not have anything to lose and you never know which one will work for you! Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimizations do not have a specific formula to go by – so give it your best.

Focusing on one method would mean that you are creating a dependency for yourself. One that you do not have any control of. Isn’t that a risky business? Of course it is! Use a mix and match of techniques. Use directory submissions to local directories and Local SEO techniques, if you are in a localized business, use social media and global SEO and link building appropriately for a more widespread customer base linktree login . Plan your Internet Marketing strategies correctly – they are the key to the success of your website. With a long list of permutations and combinations regarding usage of Search Engine Optimization Techniques, don’t allow yourself to be baffled by the many advices of one being better than the other. Because what works for someone else does not necessarily work for you. Start with a clean slate and base your Internet Marketing plan on your company’s analysis of the market and target your marketing strategies accordingly.

Finally, we cannot emphasize enough on the fact that “market research” should be the basis for your marketing plan. The method by which you implement it should also be based on market research. With a singular medium, you create for yourself a dependency on a third party. Diversification of Internet Marketing methodologies is the way to go. In this way you always have a contingency plan! And you have not put all your “links” in one basket!

Hair by Molton Brown – Products For You

There are thousands of hair care products available on the market, and if you spend time trying to consider or try each and every one of them, you will never have a free moment! The key to beautiful and healthy hair is to find one product line and stick with it. This means using the same products for shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, serums, and crèmes Mesauda . This way, the products that are made to work together will be able to. Your hair would thank you if it could!

One product line that you may want to consider is Molton Brown. There are a few things that you may not know about this company that hails from London. It all began as a salon that specialized in natural hair treatments. Over the years, the salon turned into a company that specialized and sells natural products that are healthy for your hair. In addition, the company has gone on to offer skin care, cosmetics, even men’s skin, and hair care products. At Molton Brown, you will find everything from bath salts to shave cream. However, when thinking about hair care products, you will want to look at the company’s offerings.

Step One: lather. The first thing you need to do is find a quality shampoo that will offer just what your hair needs. If you have problems with buildup of hairspray or other products, then you will want to choose the purifying type shampoo. If you have dry hair, then you will have moisturizing choices. 
When it comes to shampoo, you will need to make sure you know what your hair needs and then choose a product that can help. Molton Brown has a whole line of shampoo choices.

Step Two: condition. Just as with the shampoo, you will need a conditioner that will meet your hair’s needs. Look for a conditioner that will add moisture or will help to remove buildups and damaging elements Molton Brown. When you choose a conditioner, make sure that you pick one that will compliment your shampoo. You may even wish to choose the paired shampoo and conditioner for simplicity.

Step Three: style. This is the step where you will choose the Molton Brown product that will help you achieve your look. Whether you need your hair to be straight, curly, shiny, or bouncy, you will need to pick the correct product.

Once you have the right shampoo, conditioner and styler, you will soon see a difference in the look and feel of your tresses. You will also notice that your hair becomes healthier as well.

Does the VeRO Program Mean I Should Stay Away From eBay?

The eBay VeRO program has been developed to protect the rights of the owners of an intellectual property and to minimize the risk of fraudulent usage of items that infringe on the copyright acts ebay. VeRO is the acronym for “Verified Rights Owner Program” and has been put in place to put a stop to selling illegal items and handle copyright related issues more effectively. eBay was one of the pioneers to adopt the online process that aims to protect the rightful owner of a product, and also to develop a system that would allow the owner to report any kind of infringement noted on the Website.

eBay is a platform that allows anyone to sell anything online. Such a popular online market place is prone to the guiles and greed of unscrupulous sellers who may want to violate copyright and ownership rights to ensure that they are able to sell products that they do not own any rights over. If one has to open a store in the real world, he/she has to follow rules and go through processes to ensure that there is no infringement on the rights of the owners of an intellectual property.

The virtual world, on the other hand, during its inception, provided a relatively easy way for sellers to sell any product that they could lay their hands on. As eBay grew in popularity as one of the premier Websites handling diverse product offerings, it became extremely important for eBay to ensure that owners’ rights were not violated and that there were systems to validate verified rights.

The Benefits Of The Verified Rights Owner Program:

The VeRO program has been devised specifically to provide the rights’ owners with the following benefits:

eBay employs trained and dedicated professionals to help rights owners get the maximum benefit out of the program

eBay responds quickly and effectively to terminate the listings reported by the rights owners

eBay maintains dedicated email queues for reporting rights infringements that get the top-most priority

The rights owners can easily get all the relevant information pertaining to the identification of eBay users

All the rights and privileges are clearly mentioned in the eBay user agreement for the benefit of the rights’ owners

The rights’ owners are entitled to receive automatic updates regarding the eBay VeRO program

The Process Of Participation And Creation Of About Me Page

The process of participating in the program is simple and fast. All that a rights’ owner has to do is to download the Notice of Claimed Infringement (NOCI) form and fax it to eBay. After eBay processes the first complaint, eBay emails a soft copy of the form, along with instructions on how to submit the form electronically in the future. A rights’ owner can create an About Me page on eBay to specify the products that he owns and the intellectual property rights owned by him so that the channel of communication with the other eBay sellers is open, clear and transparent. After posting the About Me page, an email to eBay will ensure that it is included in the list of VeRO Participant About Me pages. All this is free and for the benefit of the rights owner.

Tips For Sellers Regarding The eBay Vero Program

If a seller finds himself delisted from eBay, he may follow the following steps:

Try and contact the rights owner directly through email as the rights’ owner is in the correct position to understand the products and the intellectual property rights associated with them. The email ID of the rights’ owner is supplied in the email notification from eBay that informs him of the delisting isavera. If the rights’ owner agrees that there has been an error on his part and sends an email to this effect to eBay, then eBay would delist the item immediately.

Rights verification is a complex issue and, therefore, to avoid future hassled due to delisting a seller would do well to go through the VeRO Program Participation About Me pages. Participants create these pages to inform sellers about the reasons behind the delisting of an item.

A rights owner must be registered with eBay through the VeRO program before requesting to delist an item. Rights’ owners are required to sign a legally binding contract with eBay to ensure that everyone gets a fair deal.

A seller must read the privacy policy of eBay which explicitly states: “We can (and you authorize us to) disclose your user ID, name, street address, city, state, pin code, country, phone number, email, and company name to eBay VeRO Program participants as we in our sole discretion believe necessary or appropriate in connection with an investigation of fraud, intellectual property infringement, piracy, or other unlawful activity.” So, if you, as a seller, understand all the terms and conditions agree with the right owner’s position and have gone through the policy of eBay and still believe that you have been unjustly delisted from eBay, you may email eBay.

Is The eBay Vero Program Scaring Away Sellers?

There is a lot of miscommunication pertaining to the eBay VeRO program. The program has been devised to protect the rights’ owners and, at the same time, create a fair and transparent platform for the buyers and sellers to interact. However, small-time and some of the bigger sellers on eBay believe that VeRO is against them, since all it takes is a simple form from the rights’ owners to get them delisted without any prior warning. Moreover, the emails that are sent out informing them about the delisting are generic emails with no particular information regarding the details of the delisting. Most of the sellers think that the issues of verified rights and information infringement are used against them at the whims of the rights’ owners without giving them an opportunity to defend their case prior to delisting.

Sellers also believe that there is a process of random or selective targeting by rights owners as many other similar sellers are untouched and they are allowed to carry on with their business. Sellers are unhappy with the option given by eBay in such situations because of the explanations and the options as mentioned below:

The delisted seller is mostly told that the others with similar kind of listings are actually not similar as they appear to be. They have differences in the manner in which the items are portrayed, which does not effectively infringe any rights of ownership.

The others may be listed by the owners themselves.

May be the delisted seller in question was the one that was found out and therefore reported against.

eBay offers the delisted seller the right to lodge complaints against other similar offenders.

The rights’ owner felt the need to report that particular user and not others for reasons that are best known to him as he has the ultimate right to decide who is the offender and who is not. However, if the delisted user feels strongly about anything he is free to email the rights owner and take up the issue with him directly.

All of these points seem to be heavily loaded against sellers, and they believe that eBay stays away by pitting the rights’ owner and the alleged offender against one another. As a service provider, sellers think eBay should take more proactive steps to ensure that the interests of the sellers are also protected. Sellers stipulate that since the general perception amongst online buyers is that eBay is a platform to purchase discounted materials, the brand owners are adverse to the display of their items on eBay, as it directly pits their mainstream product line with the ones sold via eBay. Therefore, delisted sellers think the rights’ owners deliberately use the eBay VeRO program to counter cannibalization of their product.

The sellers on eBay think that it becomes extremely difficult for them to sell anything at all since they are not the rights’ owners and anything used by them to advertise their product-be it an image or any logo will come under the purview of infringement of intellectual property. Therefore most of the sellers are bound to not use any brand names and instead have to rely on scanned invoices to prove the realness of their items on display. Many DVD sellers are often caught by the eBay VeRO program, as most of the sellers list the items prior to the commercial release dates as the products reach the customer way after the release happens. Many buyers also like to keep the original cartons or packages of products manufactured by premium brands. But the sellers who offer the original packaging are often caught off-guard by the stringent intellectual property infringement laws and are therefore promptly delisted.

Is The eBay Vero Program Beneficial For Everybody?

The simple answer is “No.” The sellers must understand that the emphasis is on transparency and making the selling process on eBay legal. However, if they follow the policies and abide by clauses mention on the About Me pages maintained by the rights of owners, selling products within the laws should not be difficult. A large number of people are running profitable businesses through eBay by following the rules and one must appreciate the fact that weeding out spurious sellers and sellers of counterfeit products is for the benefit of everyone. If a customer gets a good product without any hassles, he is bound to use eBay again for shopping. But in case the shopping experience is bad, he will turn away and visit other similar e-commerce based websites to buy the products of his choice. That would be bad news for the rights’ owners, the sellers and also for eBay.

However, like every process, the eBay VeRO program is not free from errors and a seller may even be delisted by mistake. In such a case, the seller must take up the issue with the rights’ owner and also with eBay, create a trail of communication and try to make the other person see their side. If your line of logic is proper and well defined, then there is every reason for you to believe that your concerns would be addressed and you would be relisted back on eBay.

The bottom line is that in today’s era of Internet-based transactions, the number of illegitimate traders has shot up exponentially. Premier sites such as eBay must ensure that their services are being used by genuine sellers who are not scam artists out to dupe customers and in the process tarnish the brand image of eBay. eBay is a seller friendly and a customer-friendly site that offers a platform for everyone to do business. If a seller is genuine and respects the rights of the owners, he should have no problems in carrying out his business. Even if he faces unjust persecution, proper systems are in place for him to have his grievances addressed. The onus lies on eBay to ensure that the sellers do not get unduly harassed, as sellers are the backbone of eBay. eBay would do well to mention the specific reasons behind a delisting, as well as employ internal and external auditors to review a delisting, so that there is more clarity and transparency in the entire process.

2010 Largest Assisted Living Providers

While stormy economic conditions buffeted the business last year, indicators now point to smoother sailing ahead. As businesses in nearly every U.S. sector struggled to stay afloat last year, assisted living was the buoy in the choppy waters DJ. Steady demand for quality services helped keep companies stable-even if accompanied by a hiatus from major mergers and acquisitions.

As businesses in nearly every U.S. sector struggled to stay afloat last year, assisted living was the buoy in the choppy waters. Steady demand for quality services helped keep companies stable-even if accompanied by a hiatus from major mergers and acquisitions.

Now, as economic forecasters allude to the end of the “Great Recession,” companies like this year’s Largest Providers are poised for growth, some of which is already underway. Forty-two of those companies (60%) that made the 2010 list report increases in licensed assisted living resident capacity-though much of that growth was in single-digit percentages. Another 16 of the top 70 companies maintained their size, while just 12 reported losses.

Here’s a look at Assisted Living Executive’s 2010 Largest Providers, and the business environment, transactions, and trends that landed each company a spot.

Top Players Hold Steady

In 2009, no assisted living providers merged nor acquired any other complete company. However, while most deals were small, the year did produce a few large portfolio acquisitions and considerable reshuffling. The biggest gains and losses were among the biggest players and occurred through simple sales and acquisitions.

For the first time since Assisted Living Executive began compiling this annual Largest Providers list, Sunrise Senior Living, based in McLean, Virginia, no longer sits at No. 1. The company, now No. 2, had no new building starts and sold off about 9 percent of its assisted living capacity (about 2,896 units) last year. Its biggest transaction was a portfolio of 21 communities in 11 states to Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Brookdale Senior Living for $204 million, but Sunrise also sold smaller portfolios to regional providers, such as Baltimore-based Brightview Senior Living (The Shelter Group), which purchased two of Sunrise’s New Jersey communities.

The Sunrise downsize has made Seattle-based Emeritus Senior Living the nation’s largest assisted living provider. Emeritus acquired 2,221 new licensed assisted living units and grew by 7 percent in the past year, and it’s very likely that Emeritus will not only maintain the top spot next year, but expand significantly in 2011. The company’s partner, Blackstone Real Estate Advisors, is pursuing the purchase of 134 communities operated by Sunwest Management, which is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy Hochzeits-DJ. Under a preliminary agreement, Emeritus would manage the properties with the option to invest up to 10 percent of the equity in a joint venture with Blackstone and Columbia Pacific Management, an entity controlled by Dan Baty, Emeritus chairman and co-CEO.

Brookdale Senior Living maintained its No. 3 ranking, but also grew by 3,808 residents, or 15 percent, in 2009. Sunwest Management, last year’s No. 4 company, comes in at No. 7 this year with 9,186 assisted living residents, a 43 percent drop. The company will disappear completely from the 2011 list if Blackstone or another entity receives court approval to buy the remainder of Sunwest’s portfolio.

In terms of percentage growth, the clear winner is Solana Beach, California-based Senior Resource Group, another beneficiary of Sunwest’s financial woes. The company picked up management contracts for 41 properties in 11 states, under the name LaVida Communities, when institutional investor Lone Star Funds of Dallas acquired the properties in the first big deal of 2009. Senior Resource Group catapults from No. 55 to No. 11, having grown its assisted living resident capacity more than 500 percent, to 4,897.

Big Movers

For the next Largest Providers percentage spike, look to CRL Senior Living Communities, which enters the list at No. 57, thanks to more than doubling its assisted living capacity from 502 to 1,019. Also on the growth path, Frontier Management expanded by 64 percent, from 828 to 1,358 licensed assisted living units, thanks to seven new management contracts and two new buildings. Frontier Management jumps 15 spots from No. 57 to No. 42. Watch this Western regional provider to grow further next year as several more new buildings open.

The fourth-largest list jumper is Carmichael, California-based Eskaton Senior Residences and Services, rising 12 spots to No. 56. The company reports 1,036 licensed assisted living units (up from 732 last year) due to either expansions or applications for additional assisted living licensing.

Only seven other providers report gains of 20 percent or more in the past year, and among them is Bradley, Illinois- based BMA Management. Because of its focus on the affordable market, the company continues to benefit from accessible financing sources not available to traditional providers. BMA Management’s assisted living resident capacity jumped 27 percent in the past year as the company opened six new communities. In 2010, the company moves up the list by three spots, coming in at No. 21.

Other companies that increased their licensed assisted living capacity include Capital Senior Living Corporation (No. 20), which grew by 25 percent, and Bonaventure Senior Living (No. 23), whose assisted living capacity surged by 21 percent to 2,595. Assisted living capacity for Carlsbad, California-based Integral Senior Living (No. 24) rose 24 percent. Benedictine Health System (No. 41) grew by 20 percent, and Brightview Senior Living (No. 52, up from No. 62 last year) expanded by 29 percent, thanks to the Sunrise deal, which added 240 residents. Another chart-jumper was Leisure Living Management, which vaulted nine places from No. 58 in 2009 to No. 49 this year simply by adding 200 residents (22 percent).

The vast majority of expanding providers, however, had gains of less than 10 percent. But a little growth can go a long way when nearly 60 percent of companies on the Largest Providers list have fewer than 2,000 assisted living residents.

In another indication of assisted living growth, Independent Healthcare Properties, the smallest company on the list at No. 70, only kept its 2009 rank thanks to an 18 percent capacity gain from 706 to 833. Most of the 2009-ranked companies that did not make this year’s list either maintained capacity or had very small gains. Another reason for higher numbers at the bottom of the list is attributed to data from five providers not previously listed-Spectrum Retirement Communities (No. 28), Mountain View Retirement (No. 50), CRL Senior Living Communities (No. 57), Welcome Home Management Company (No. 64), and Elder Care Alliance (No. 66).

Other than Sunwest, the company with the most dramatic drop in licensed assisted living capacity was Northstar Senior Living, which shed 1,068 residents, or 55 percent of its 2009 capacity, falling from No. 28 to No. 67. Again, because of modest overall numbers, decreases were most notable toward the bottom of the top 70 list. Grace Management saw a 30 percent decline from 1,399 to 979 and dropped from No. 37 in 2009 to No. 61 this year. Carillon Assisted Living, No. 49 in 2009, decreased its capacity by 24 percent from 1,024 to 775, removing it from the list altogether.

Several companies that didn’t make this year’s list but may show up in 2011 include Trinity Lifestyles Management, which nearly doubled in size to 480 assisted living residents after picking up three Atlanta-area EdenCare properties, formerly operated by Sunrise Senior Living. Wichita, Kansas-based Legend Senior Living has been raising its assisted living component steadily with new construction, expanding another 18 percent to 692 in 2010. And finally, AdCare Health Systems, based in Springfield, Ohio, remains a smaller provider at 231, but that reflects a 38 percent increase over the prior year, and the company recently announced raising $2.5 million to fund acquisitions.

More Stable Times Ahead

“The fact that we’ll be able to point to this time period-the worst economic downturn in our lifetimes-and say that our industry weathered it pretty well and even continued to grow is significant,” says Granger Cobb, president and co- CEO of Emeritus Senior Living.

The past two recessions hit assisted living hard, and many providers at the start of 2009 were concerned that the stalled housing market, depleted stock market earnings, and high unemployment among the adult children of potential residents could cause occupancy rates to plummet. Instead, after modest 2008 rate declines and a rent growth slowdown to 2 percent from 2.9 percent in 2008 and 4 percent in 2007, the needs-based component of assisted living seemed to trump economic concerns. Move-ins could be postponed but only for so long.

By second quarter 2009, signs of stabilization began to emerge, followed by a slow but upward trend, says Robert G. Kramer, president of the Annapolis, Maryland-based National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry (NIC). While national unemployment still hovered at a troubling 10 percent in January, Kramer says he’s cautiously optimistic about the future, especially since the industry saw its largest absorption rate in the third quarter of 2009 since the first quarter of 2006- 1,400 assisted living units in the top 30 urban markets and slightly stronger in the top 100 markets.

Those statistics suggest that the overall picture is much rosier for assisted living than for other real estate sectors, including multifamily, hotels, and offices, Kramer notes. “Basically, we are seeing operators holding the line with regard to rates,” he adds. “We certainly are seeing more concessions out there, but at the same time, those concessions tend to be very much market-specific, property-specific, or even unit-specific.”

Still, move-in delays due to economic factors have amplified a trend already developing pre-recession-residents tend to be older and frailer, says Jim Moore, president of Moore Diversified Services and author of “Strategic Forecast,” published in Assisted Living Executive’s January/February 2010 issue. The result is heightened opportunity in dementia care, which is even more needs-based than assisted living, he adds. Indeed, a number of top 70 operators reported having converted independent units to assisted living or assisted living to memory care.

As for new construction, buildings already in the pipeline continued to open, but few companies launched new developments, and by January 2010, the number of new building starts had fallen to the lowest point since NIC started tracking senior housing trends. No companies went public in 2009.

Forecast for 2010

Access to capital will remain the primary challenge for development in 2010, although new properties financed before the recession will continue to open through the third quarter of 2010. But the lack of new properties isn’t necessarily bad news for assisted living.

“We’re going to go through a period of very little new product coming online, but if that coincides with pent-up demand and a recovery in the economy, all should bode well for occupancies and rent growth in assisted living,” Kramer says. “Outside of external economic factors that we don’t have any control over, the greatest risk to assisted living is overbuilding.”

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will continue to be dependable sources of permanent 10-year financing, but when it comes to construction loans, developers have few options. Some very limited HUD 232 financing will be available, but more likely, the few projects that launch will do so because of relationships with local lenders.

Indeed, The Arbor Company, based in Atlanta, lacks the cash to develop properties on its own, but thanks to a partnership with Formation Capital, Arbor will manage two new properties scheduled to break ground this fall, says COO Judd Harper. “We feel much stronger and more optimistic about the assisted living occupancies in today’s slowly recovering economy, but are optimistic about independent living’s rebound in the future,” he adds. “As people get jobs, they no longer are going to be able to care for a parent at home.”

A bright spot in the acquisitions arena, private equity entities are beginning to eye assisted living as a desirable sector again, and the major REITs in senior housing are well-positioned to invest again, Kramer notes. Emeritus will be a company to watch thanks to the Blackstone deal, and while it only plans one new building in 2010, the company actively will be looking for other acquisition opportunities at attractive prices.

“If a company has liquidity, cash flow, and a reasonably healthy balance sheet, it will be in a great position because there are opportunities right now,” Cobb says. That advantage isn’t just for big companies like Emeritus, but also for regional and even small mom-and-pop players with targeted expansion plans, he adds, noting that “interest rates have not changed that much over the last couple of years, but the amount of equity and coverage ratios you have to have in place has become more stringent, as well as the underwriting.”

Fanwood, New Jersey-based Chelsea Senior Living leveraged a strong relationship with a local lender to purchase a former Sunwest property in New Jersey last fall and is actively looking for more deals, says Roger Bernier, president and COO. “Some people are likely to see their debt maturing and be unable to refinance,” he forecasts. “Ultimately we’d like to grow by two communities per year, but it has to be the right deal for us to take a look.”

Much of the acquisitions action in 2010 is likely to remain with distressed properties, however, and no one expects lots of high-end properties to come on the market this year, says Steve Monroe of Senior Care Investor. “High-performing properties are only going to sell if owners can get a good price, although that may start to change later in 2010.”

Still, wise operators should not be blinded by attractive price tags so much that they forget to consider how well the acquisition fits into their existing portfolio and evolving demands of seniors and their families, Moore cautions. “Senior psychographics are changing,” he adds. “It’s not so much the World War II homemaker widow as 80-year-olds who have been in the professional workforce.”

Another area of opportunity in 2010 may be new management contracts for owners and lenders who may be unhappy with their current management, Moore suggests. And for many companies, the wisest move in 2010 may be just to sharpen internal operations, he says.

Although Greensboro, North Carolina- based Bell Senior Living is open to the right deal within the mid-Atlantic states in which it already operates, the latter strategy will be the company’s prime priority this year, says President Steve Morton. “I’d say it’s a time to focus on operations, improve operating results including management and revenue streams, and put together the necessary tools to maximize and run communities in the most effective manner possible,” he says. “This is something we can do because we don’t have five acquisitions or development deals.”

6 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica and 6 Hacks to Optimize Your Trip

Costa Rica is on everyone’s radar. Before I moved here, it was on mine too Bigo live hack. I was attracted by the rainforest, the beaches, the weather, and of course, the sloths.

And don’t worry, I have a “sloth hack” for you to get up close and personal with one of these furry balls of magic.

But since living here for more than a year, there are so many more things I’ve discovered that are simply remarkable. And I’ve figured out ways to get the most out of each of them.

This list could very easily be 25 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica but I know Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That. So I’ve somehow managed to narrow it down to the Top 6.

Here are the top 6 Reasons you must visit Costa Rica & travel hacks to optimize your experience.

1. Reason: Happiest Place On Earth

According to the Happy Planet Index, Costa Rica ranks 1st out of 151 different countries based on measuring three different components: experienced well-being, life expectancy, & ecological footprint.

What’s so great about Costa Rica aren’t these measurements but what they induce. The culture is happier, less stressed, and (quite obviously) less rushed.

It is contagious. When you’re here, you find yourself succumbing to the same lifestyle and may even wonder, “What have I been rushing towards?”

Hack: Visit the Blue Zone

There have been 5 regions in the world identified as a “Blue Zone.” These rare places have been categorized as areas where people tend to live the longest. The Nicoya Penisula in Costa Rica is one of them.

There are several characteristics that indicate why people live longer here but instead of reading about it, come experience it. Maybe even stay a while. Who knows, you may even leave a little younger.

You could spend your entire trip just on the Nicoya Penisula and leave satisfied, but here are the top spots to see while you’re there: Montezuma, Nosara, & Tamarindo.

2. The Food

You can look for bananas in the jungle instead of aisles. Like the good old days of being human.

I don’t consider myself a foodie by any stretch of the imagination so I was taken by surprise when I found myself obsessing over the fruit. In fact, back in the States I didn’t even like pineapple, mango, or papaya. But they’re so good here I went from disliking a food to it being one of my all-time favorites.

Seriously, they’re that good. And fruitful. I often go on walks and come home with a dozen green or yellow mangos simply because they line the streets where I live in Manuel Antonio.

And let’s not forget about coconuts. You can buy fresh coconut water by the liter here for half the price in the States (and completely unprocessed), or purchase one right on the beach.

Of course, there are the traditional Costa Rican dishes you must try. Casado is a Costa Rican dish of rice, black beans, plantains, salad, & tortilla accompanied by your choice of meat or fish.

And don’t forget the gallo pinto. It literally translates to “spotted rooster” but don’t let the name scare you. The dish is just rice and beans bigo live diamond hack. But also don’t assume that it’s *just* rice and beans. It will likely be the best rice and beans of your life.

Hack: Eat Coconut Meat

Coconut water is all the craze but what if I told you the meat was better for you than the water?

It can be become quite the chore to get it yourself but fortunately for you, there are professionals all around.

Purchase your coconut (‘pipa’, in Spanish) from a vendor and then sip on the water. When you’re done, ask the vendor to cut it in half for you.

Grab a spoon and enjoy the meal.

3. Affordability

Often times, traveling outside of the United States can be super expensive. But it’s actually relatively cheap to fly to Costa Rica.

A simple search online (Google.com/flights) while I’m writing this shows me round trip tickets from Los Angeles to San Jose, Costa Rica for $360, only $271 from Miami, and as low as $260 from Atlanta.

You can travel to paradise for the price of one car payment.

Not only is getting here affordable but lodging is reasonable as well. Hostels right on the beach are $15-$25 per night, while a standard hotel room will run you between $50-$80… which is not a bad price to pay for paradise.

But it doesn’t stop there. Transportation within cities is often less than a dollar, and you can even hop on a local bus to another city for a few bucks.

Or take a flight with the world’s only carbon-neutral airline, Nature Air. They fly to over a dozen locations in Costa Rica and are very reasonable.

Hack: Live in Paradise

Living here is affordable too. I’ve paid as little as $250/month for a brand new living space complete with a huge outdoor kitchen and yoga deck. Combine that with getting my groceries delivered by a local farmer for less than what I’d pay in the States and my total cost for food and lodging is about 1/8th of what I was used to shelling out every month. That means I could quadruple my cost of food and lodging here and it would still be half of what I was paying in San Diego.

So, perhaps it’s time for an extended vacation?

4. Beach Life

Have you ever seen the jungle and the beach collide? It’s incredible. But there is more than seeing the green jungle meet the turquoise ocean…

The ocean water temperature averages between the high 70s & mid-80s which means it’s always the perfect temperature to swim in. It’s also famous for surfing and even if you’ve never even been on a board, it’s a great place to learn how to surf.

But one of my favorite reasons to visit Costa Rican beaches is how few people there are. Most beach destinations are packed with people and you’re lucky to find several square feet of sand to temporarily call your own.

Not here. There are so many miles of beach terrain to explore you will likely find yourself staring at one of the most remarkable things you’ve ever seen asking yourself, “Where is everyone?”

Even the most popular beaches have far less people than the well known spots in Southern California–and if you take the time to talk a quarter mile away from the crowd, you will find even more space.

Hack: Visit Best Beach in Costa Rica

Costa Rica boasts some of the best beaches in the world… so how do you choose which one to go to?

Almost all top 10 lists of beaches in Costa Rica put Manuel Antonio at the top and it actually recently ranked as one of the top 15 beaches in the world.

It’s located just 2.5 hours from San Jose and is near other popular tourist destinations like Jaco, Playa Hermosa & Arenal.

5. Biodiversity

We found this guy on one of our recent trips to Arenal, Costa Rica.

Even though Costa Rica only takes up.03% of the world’s land mass, it hosts an astounding 4% of the total species found on the planet!

According to the National Institute of Biodiversity, there are more than 500,000 species and–in an effort to protect them–more than 25% of the land in Costa Rica is protected. Which, as you probably know, is very rare these days given the amount of deforestation happening on a regular basis.

There are even hundreds of species in Costa Rica that you literally can’t find anywhere else on the planet… including the Scarlet Macaw. It is a place where Earth still feels wild and–in a strange way–makes you feel right at ‘home’ in the nature of the jungle.

Hack: Get Up Close & Personal With A Sloth

I told you there was a sloth hack coming.

People from far and wide travel to Costa Rica in the hopes they will catch a glimpse of these magical animals but they’re not always in luck. It is the essence of the sloth to move slowly and remain undetected by their eagle predators in the sky so it can be very difficult to spot them with an untrained eye. Even if you are lucky to see one, they’ll likely be off in the distance and high up in a tree.

Fortunately for you, we have a way to get you up close and personal.

Kids Saving The Rainforest is a nonprofit organization (started by kids!) located just outside Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica and they’re dedicated to protecting the biodiversity in Costa Rica. They have orphaned 3 sloths and on their Wildlife Tour you get to see them face-to-face.

6. Pura Vida Vibe + Culture

Literally translated into English, Pura Vida means pure life but in Costa Rica, it is a way of living.

At its best, the Pura Vida lifestyle will have you slowing down, relaxing on the beach, and wondering what it was you always felt rushed to do back at home. At its worst, you find yourself unable to get out of your hammock and actually do anything at all.

Costa Rican culture is welcoming, kind, & attractive. It’s also one of the only countries in the world with no standing army which, ironically, makes you feel pretty safe.

Hack: Get Cultured

One of the most important things you can do while traveling is to learn about the country you are visiting.

What is the history? What are the people like? Where do the locals hang out?

Avoid posting up at an all-inclusive resort and sipping on Mojitos all day. Instead, immerse yourself in what it’s like to spend a day in the life as a Costa Rican and gain a true sense of the Pura Vida vibe.

After all, it is the Ticos & Ticas (name for Costa Ricans) that founded this way of living and there is a lot to learn from it.


Now that you know some of the top reasons you should visit and how to make the most of them, you are officially ready to take a trip to Costa Rica.

Fun Dragon Ball Z Games

Dragon Ball Z started out as a Japanese manga series that follows the adventures of Son Goku from his childhood through adulthood super dragon ball heroes episode 6. This has now expanded to include animated feature films, television specials and games.

There are several Dragon Ball Z games available in the market such as Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout, Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans on the Nintendo DS, Raging Blast for Xbox 360 and the PlayStation and Revenge of King Piccolo on Wii. Some of them can even be played online. Loyal fans and even those who do not watch the show regularly have long been addicted these games and because they are so enjoyable and entertaining, they continue to clamor for more.

One notable videogame is the Attack of the Saiyans. This allows the player to take on the role of six characters from the series. Released in 2009, this game went on to become the third best selling videogame in Japan during May 2009. This game was made with children and fans in mind, so the vibrant colors and fast-paced game play will definitely get their attention.

These are fairly simple and easy to play. If you are not familiar with them, you will find that the navigation of the game is quick and convenient to learn. Basically, players control each of the heroes as well as the villains of the anime series dragon ball heroes episode 6. The characters are often fighting in an adventure mode, much like the story plot of the show. The game is loads of fun and you will soon discover that it is all about super attacks, quick combos and massive in-air battles.

Unlike other regular video games, the characters and story line unfold just like in the anime series. The visuals, graphics and battle systems stay true and do not depart from the show. Producers have gone out of their way to recreate the look, sound and feel of the program. The games are complete with English voiceovers and in-game cut-scenes before and after each match, making you feel as if you are actually in an episode. There are several characters to choose from and new ways to engage in battle such as chasing or evading the other player’s attack while in mid-air. There are now more arenas to fight in. players can now trade codes to challenge other player’s to fight from one system to another. These games will spell hours of entertainments and quality bonding time with friends and family.